4 pillars of democracy .

It might seem a bit poetic to say something like that ,but trust just doesn’t play an important role not just in our day to day lives but in a democracy as well , because if the population of a nation has put its trust in the government then all sorts of sabotaging conflicts won’t be there to disturb the social decorum. When 2014 kicked off people were quite sure that the a certain specific name is going to do a lot of things in the interest of the common people of this country(MODI LEHER, ig you all are familiar with this term ), but everything has its expiry date. So I guess today we will be accentuating on the crucial concern of degradation of the trust that the people of this country had put in our premier leader modiji and some other prestigious institutions as well .

Since 2014 our lives have become totally eventful ,and the way our country welcomed Modiji on 26th of MAY , 2014 it was totally exceptional , ecstatic and extraordinary in every manner. The whole country was fed up with the problems like the rising prices of petrol and diesel , inflation , Pakistan too because the opposition at time used to say that this malicious and incapable UPA government doesn’t have the guts to retaliate the “biggest predicament” of all times . Unemployment was also a major concern but it wasn’t that big of a concern obviously , Pakistan has always been something immense . 16th may 2014, results of LOKSABHA ELECTIONS were out and BJP won the Loksabha elections with a historic majority ,swept off the name “congress” entirely , was totally overwhelming in many ways . But since then, this regime has fabricated controversies out of thin air .

Demonetization was the first incident , which shook the whole country ,as it was totally exasperating to know that the money you have , the money you have been saving since ages is not going to be valid anymore . Government’s spokespersons said that this demonetization is going to directly attack those terrorist organizations who have been circulating fake currencies in our markets, also it was an “unprecedent attack ” on the corrupt people of this country . People were being forced to not to use their own hard earned money , and it did create a whole lot of problems in rural areas as well because with the limited access to information , people weren’t really aware about the procedures which were to be followed . Recent study shows that demonetization wasn’t advantageous at all , renowned economists like Raghuram G. Rajan also criticized the government for the same , but it seems like our prime minister doesn’t pay any heed to such criticism , by the way I hope you all remember the time when our prime minister said that he always welcomes “constructive criticism khair . Same sort of recklessness could be observed with the wretched implementation of GST laws . Many have been suffering since it was introduced in 2017 , but I guess life goes on . The other thing which affects everyone of us is the matter of national security , the way we are constantly being challenged at our north western and our north eastern borders is pretty distressing . Last year china advanced into our territory and both sides had to go through a horrible conflict and 20 our soldiers martyred in Galvan valley . Talks have been in place for quite a long while now , but china has already established or constructed a village in Arunachal Pradesh . And Pakistan ,the only main concern of dialogue for many news channels of our country and the way these news channels show us that our country is going to beat Pakistan at each and every military front is totally vigorous , but a harsh reality might spoil your mood for the rest of your day, because the way our neighbour is embracing its military persistence and hatred for us at the same time , it is indeed a matter of concern for our NSA (Ajeet Doval , the great spy,). From Dec , 2019 to Dec, 2020 Pakistan violated ceasefire agreement around 3.8K times and India did the same around 2.8k times and still, in the last 6 months Indian soldiers have found around 6 tunnels in Jammu and Kashmir through which Pakistan (or the terrorist organizations that Pakistan has been nursing since decades now) used to send terrorists into our territory . And a few months ago Pakistan had elections in POK (Gilgit — Baltistan ), which was an integral part of our country and while all this was going on, Imran khan released the latest map of his country showing the eastern territories of his nation , and the image hypothesized that the whole of the Jammu Kashmir is and has always been an integral part of Pakistan . Many news channel had an exclusive prime time debate on this context and euphonic titles like “aakhir kab baaz aayega imraan ” went totally mainstream . It does fill my downhearted self with poignance. yeas does PMO have anything to say about this . khair I hope Arnab is having fun.

There’s something else which must bother us and that thing is nothing but the continuous degradation of communal integrity amongst the people of this country . Years ago Pandit Jawaher Lal Nehru once said that for India to become a superpower in future or to prosper , Indian people need to be secular . And many intellectual would concur with him as well because India has always been a diverse land ,full of diverse people with an imaginable number of contradictions as well , for the country to thrive people do need to forget about their differences and they must contribute in revered movement of nation building . But since 2014 our country (yes because indirectly or directly we all are the reason behind the continuous loss of communal harmony amongst ourselves )has sidelined the people from a certain community and that agenda of “hindu rashtrikaran ” seems to be performing extraordinarily. In the last Vidhan Sabha election ,held in the state of Uttar Pradesh , “tripple talaq” went on to become a crucial part of BJP’s manifesto and many muslim women did vote for BJP candidates because the move was perceived as a move dedicated to the idea of women empowerment , but in Dec 2020 an ordinance was passed by state’s vidhan sabha to solve the muddle of “LOVE JIHAD ”, it is kinda evident that this great sage yogiji used the muslim votes to exploit them and these sort of actions usually turn out to be a bit vicious for the ruling party (I do hope for that and I do want to witness that day ).

People must have voted for MODI government in 2014 or 2019 just because of the continuous resentment UPA government used to receive for its incompetence and recklessness till 2013 from BJP as BJP was the main opposition at the time . But it does seem like BJP is not quite different from congress (chor chor mausere bhai ), they just exploit the citizenry and try to make a fool out of us , but situation wasn’t this miserable when congress was in the government because the fundamental ideas like communal harmony and secularism were getting respected and addressed sophisticatedly . This is the reason I started this article with the word “trust” because government’s treachery isn’t getting unnoticed totally , people are talking about these problems and they have started loosing their faith (blind faith) that they used to have , in the present government , this is the only reason we see IT cell is working(basically abusing people, and treating people derogatorily who might have something to complain about ) hectically or frantically on twitter or any other social media platform.

But it’s not just about legislature being the only organization in which people are loosing their trust , the other respected organization (I must use the word respected because I really don’t wanna end up like Prashant Bhushan or I don’t want to spend the rest of my life behind the bars )which have been failing us constantly is JUDICIARY . Recently the respected supreme court of India put a stay on the contentious farm laws by stating that they actually are disappointed by the fact these farmers are protesting out there on the outskirts of Delhi in this shivering winter and yet the government says that they are negotiating with the farmers . “We don’t want to make any stray observations against you… But we are extremely disappointed in the way you’re handling this situation. You [Centre] made a law without enough consultation, resulting in a strike. Many States are up in rebellion against you… The whole thing has been going on for months… You say you are negotiating, talking… What negotiating? What talking? What is going on?” this was the statement issued by our CJI(Sharad Arvind Bobde , who was once spotted on a superbike ,which later turned out to be a possession of a businessmen ). So our supreme court made a committee of 4 people who already have supported the new farm laws publicly, to scrutinize the fault with the related laws and to amend the laws, if necessary . Supreme court is allowed to put a stay on an ordinance just on the basis of its constitutionality, but anything closely similar to that was missing from the official statement . The respected AG also revealed something on the day of hearing as well , he said none of the petitioners have argued on the constitutionality of the same .Words are indeed the most lethal weapon today . But the whole matter was put to an end by our legislature in the month of September, in the most hasty manner , also these farm laws create a critical or a fragile situation regarding the distribution of power between the states and the central government , these sort of arguments might force an individual to think that the farm laws are unconstitutional absolutely .One can also doubt the decency or honesty of Attorney journal of India as well . But AG’s responsibility is to defend the government and yes he did it quite efficiently . And it won’t seem like a prudent thing to challenge the omnipotent supreme court . Same sort of betrayal can be sensed in the case of CAA as well when this Apex court of ours refused to react on these malignant laws , refused to put a stay on these laws , was emphasizing on government’s response and also advised all high courts to not pass any sort of orders regarding the same . And ram mandir is also being constructed at the disputed land, khair babri hamesha zinda rahegi . And just a few days ago Bombay high court made a controversial statement, as this prestigious institution went on to say the groping is not a sexual assault , skin to skin contact is must for an act to be considered sexual assault . kalyug hai bhaiya kalyug.

khair , trust that we or you had in our supreme leader seems to fading, same sort of ideas one might go through for all the four pillars of democracy as well all four of them legislature, executive , judiciary and media sadly , those promises that he made and every assurance that these organizations used to vouch for , now seem nothing more than falsehoods , but I do wanna teach you something and that thing is “kasme vaade pyaar vafaa sab baate hain baaton ka kya , koi kisi ka nahi ye jhooote naate hain , naato ka kya ”. so never trust a politician ………or anybody else, but farmers of our country do have some faith (not trust , but faith )in themselves , and we witnessed something yesterday on our republic day , par khair abhi kisi aur roz baat karenge .

Still pondering about the concept of holographic existence in Camus’s words while simultaneously listening to Elliott smith.......